Information about Online Training

This module is an excellent tool for staff induction and refresher training, and for individuals or groups.

Topics  include:

  • types of discrimination, where and how it can occur
  • sexual harassment
  • vilification and victimisation
  • unlawful requests for information
  • dealing with discrimination

Discrimination Awareness in Queensland includes interactive activities, case studies and assessment questions to confirm participant understanding. Individuals who successfully complete the training module receive a personalised Certificate of Completion.

(NB: The Certificate of Completion should not be interpreted as endorsing a view about the employer meeting its obligations under section 133 of the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.)

  • Duration: The module should take the average user approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  • Cost: $45 (incl. GST) per subscription for 12 month access to the course.

Monitoring and reporting

Administrators who enrol and manage their staff are able to access the LearnForce LMS. The LearnForce LMS will enable administrators to manage their employees, and run reports on their organisation. This includes information on who has been assigned the course, started the course and who has successfully completed the course.

From time to time the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland may access information from the LearnForce LMS on the name and location of purchasing organisations and the status of their participation, for example the number of courses purchased and their status. At no time will the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland collect or receive information on the names of individual staff undertaking or registered to undertake the course.