Business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace

What is diversity and inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion is no longer just about ticking a box to say how many people you have employed from key 'target groups'. True diversity and inclusion is about acknowledging the diverse skills and perspectives that people may bring to the workplace because of their sex, age, race, religious belief, impairment, sexuality, family responsibilities, trade union affiliation, gender identity, marital status or other personal characteristics. Diversity and inclusion in a business context is also about removing barriers to ensure all employees enjoy full and productive participation in the workplace. It involves recognising the value of individual differences and managing them in the workplace to achieve business outcomes.


This three hour course discusses how businesses can benefit from having a diverse workforce. It looks at what it means to embrace diversity and what the research shows about the success of diverse and inclusive workplaces.

The course also provides practical tips on how to get diversity and inclusion right in your workplace. Participants will explore examples of strategies and initiatives that other organisations have put in place to create and maintain diverse and inclusive workplaces, and will produce an outline of a Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan for their organisation to develop further.

What does the course cover?

Content includes:

  • An introduction to the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Overview of research that provides clear evidence of the business benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Case studies of companies that have benefited from innovative equity and diversity strategies
  • A workshop activity to develop an outline of a Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for employers, HR personnel and managers who want to better understand the business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace, and learn practical strategies for creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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