The education program offered by the ADCQ has multiple benefits including:

  • ensuring compliance with current legislation
  • helping workplaces become free from discrimination, harassment and other unlawful conduct under the Act
  • reducing complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment
  • reducing the risk of vicarious liability claims
  • raising awareness of rights and responsibilities under the Act
  • contributing to creating  fair and productive workplaces
  • retaining staff and reducing costs associated with recruitment and training.

Quality assurance

Our experienced and dedicated team consists of qualified trainers who can assist you and your organisation to determine your training needs. The team harnesses expertise gained from a diversity of backgrounds including human rights, disability services, government, education, community services and multicultural affairs.

Every session conducted by the ADCQ is reviewed and evaluated. Data collected from the evaluations is used to guide the continuous improvement of our training program.  This is what some of our clients have said about their training experience with ADCQ:

Excellent presentation – informative relevant and delivered enthusiastically.

Best session of this type I have attended. It was not a "brow beating" exercise but an educational one.

Highly individualised to suit our circumstances, knowledge and experience.

Great, easy to listen to facilitator. First time I didn't feel the need to try and stay awake.

It was informative, engaging and interesting. It wasn't hard to understand and well explained.

Very enjoyable and made fully aware of what can happen on both sides

Relevant to workplace and work responsibilities

This was excellent training. I have studied this at a tertiary level as a degree requirement this was a very good refresher. The participant workbook is very good.

Highlighted how much I did not know about the laws of discrimination

Interesting content, case reviews, discussions and videos

Was really interesting and the best content I've seen so far….