The Commission's newsletter Balancing the Act is produced two times per year. It contains news, questions and answers, statistics, reports of Tribunal outcomes, case studies and other articles and stories relating to discrimination and human rights issues.

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Newsletter articles by topic
Subject of article Newsletter issue
Accessible housing Robert Jones Oration 2014, Issue 35 Winter 2014 p.1.
Bullying Bullying and the Anti-Discrimination Act by Kate McCormack. Issue 9, July 2000 p.3.
Christmas parties Don't put Christmas in the too hard basket, Issue 34, Summer 2013, p. 8.
Don't be a Christmas turkey. Issue 29, Summer 2010, p. 1.
Complaints What happens when a complaint is made under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991? Issue 29, Summer 2010 p.4.
ConciliationSecrets of successful conciliation. Issue 40, Summer 2017-2018, p. 7.
Disability rights Models of disability as presented by Kevin Cocks. Issue 22, February 2006, pp.1-3.
Exemptions Arguing exemptions. Issue 6, August 1999 pp. 2-3
Exemption applications QCAT exemption not always necessary. Issue 32, Winter 2012 p.5.
Family responsibilities Working with family responsibilities. Issue 28, Winter 2010 p.1.
Obituaries Cec Fisher OAM, vale 1933-2009. Issue 27, Summer 2009/10 p.8.
Outside work When does work life stop and private life start? Dealing with inappropriate conduct outside work hours by Neroli Holmes. Issue 25, Nov/Dec 2007 pp.3-4.
QCAT and ADCQ The roles of ADCQ and QCAT. Issue 33, Winter 2013, p.5.
QCAT An introduction to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal by Clare Endicott. Issue 28, Winter 2010, p.8.
Reasonable steps Reasonable steps, how many, how big and how reasonable? Issue 15, October 2002, p. 4.
Religion Religion as a ground for discrimination in the award review process and in practice - some issues to consider by Jenny Hughey. Issue 11, March 2001 p. 4.
School students School students and discrimination. Issue 10, December 2000 p. 4
Schoolies A fair go for Schoolies. Issue 29, Summer 2010 p.8.
Sport Are you a rager? Be a positive role model and support kids in sport. Issue 33, Winter 2013, p.8.
Threshold test Lodging a complaint - how high is the bar? by Neroli Holmes and Kate McCormack. Issue 19, May 2004, pp.4-5.
Vicarious liability Vicarious liability - what does it mean in practice? by Karen Walters. Issue 3, July 1998 pp. 4-5.
Victimisation Victimisation under Queensland anti-discrimination law: its meaning and implications by Susan Booth. Issue 4, November 1998 p. 5.
Workers compensation Workers Comp changes not a licence to discriminate. Issue 34, Summer 2013, p. 1.
Workplace health and safety Creating happy, safe, productive workplaces: tips for creating positive, productive workplaces. Issue 27, Summer 2009/10 p.4.
Workplace health and safety Between a rock and a hard place: how does an employer discharge their health & safety obligations without breaching anti-discrimination legislation? by Susan Moriarty. Issue 2, February 1998 p. 5.

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