Balancing the Act: ADCQ newsletter -

A helping hand for small business

Small business operators can sometimes find themselves on the end of a discrimination complaint for no other reason than being unaware of their rights and responsibilities.   ADCQ recognises the challenges faced by small business operators and is taking a proactive approach to equipping small businesses with the tools they need to prevent and manage discrimination in the workplace.

Over the next 12 to18 months, the Commission will be working with small business operators and industry peak bodies to develop services, information and resources that will best meet the needs of the sector.

While the ADCQ Employer's Toolkit is already available, the content is directed more towards medium to large businesses that are likely to have human resources support and a management structure to implement the recommended policies and procedures. While the law and principles remain the same for small businesses, the direct support they need to understand and meet their obligations will vary.

The overall aim of the project is to reduce risk to businesses. By providing easily accessible information and fit-for-purpose resources, ADCQ can take some of the guess work out of creating diverse, inclusive and equal opportunity workplaces. 

Any small business owners and managers, or industry peak body representatives who are interested in being part of the consultation and trial phase of the project should contact ADCQ via: