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Focus on the Central Queensland team

Central Qld TeamThe Central Queensland office of ADCQ is located in Rockhampton and provides training, education and complaint management services to the broader Central Queensland region.

The team has over thirty years' combined experience working in human rights, as well as bringing together a range of other skills and qualifications in the fields of justice, child protection, management and behavioural science. They pride themselves on being proactive and engaged members of the Central Queensland community.

In the past twelve months the team has conducted over one hundred visits to community organisations to provide information on human rights and anti-discrimination issues. Additionally they participate in community events and actively foster networks throughout the region to enhance knowledge of anti-discrimination law, and work towards building a fair and inclusive Queensland.

The Central Queensland team has also been the driving force behind the ADCQ state-wide initiative to train staff in eighty-three courts across Queensland. As part of this project, the team pioneered the use of video conference technology to deliver ADCQ training to regional areas.

Taking the law to the Central Queensland communityCentral Qld team at law week

Law Week this year (14 to 20 May) was the catalyst for a major effort by the ADCQ Central Qld office to spread the word about rights and responsibilities under Queensland's antidiscrimination law.

The theme for this year's Law Week, 'law and justice in your community', resonated with ADCQ Central Qld Manager Ben Cooke.

ADCQ's vision is for a fair and inclusive Qld, and in our twentieth anniversary year the Commission is encouraging Queenslanders to consider the place of human rights close to home, and what each person can do to promote dignity for every individual.

As one of the key members of the organising committee for Law Week in Rockhampton, Ben helped drive the successful event which included an open day at Rockhampton courthouse, mock trials, information sessions and exhibits.

ADCQ staff gave a presentation on human rights and antidiscrimination law to a lively audience including high school students and members of the public in the court precinct.

In reflecting on Law Week in an interview with ABC Radio Capricornia, Ben spoke of the role of law in setting a standard for civilized behaviour. He went on to say: 'The law itself sets a foundation for society - a society that is safe for everyone, and inclusive and fair.'

To mark International Day of Families (which co-incidentally fell during Law Week) the Rockhampton Office distributed information kits to families through a network of childcare centres in Central Queensland to promote the services of the Commission and educate the community on their rights and responsibilities under Queensland's anti-discrimination law.

Central Queensland's Fair Day for the gay and lesbian community was another event supported by Ben and his team. Fair Day was established to raise awareness about homophobia and its impact in the region, and to support diversity in the community.

To round out a busy month of community events and activities, Ben and Liz Bond (ADCQ's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Unit coordinator) delivered a Tracking Your Rights information session to the Woorabinda community. The session was warmly received by participants and relevant to issues faced by the local community on a daily basis said Liz. Plans for another Tracking Your Rights session in Woorabinda in the near future are already under way.

To contact the Rockhampton office for information on antidiscrimination issues, call (07)4938 4466 or 1300 130 670, TTY 1300 130 680 during office hours.

Photos of the Central Qld team in corporate shirts, and two staff engaging students at Law Week in Rockhampton.
Photos by ADCQ