Balancing the Act: ADCQ newsletter -

A Conversation with Queenslanders

Participant showing post it notes2011 was the twentieth anniversary of the passing of Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.

In looking to the future, the ADCQ engaged Queenslanders in a conversation about how to build a fair and inclusive Queensland. This is the thrust of the twenty year old Act which is as much needed today as it was in 1991.

Over five hundred people participated in seventeen round table events held in fifteen towns and cities across the state. The conversation centered around the question 'If there was one thing I would do to make Queensland more fair and inclusive, it would be….'

Some of the key messages raised in the conversation related to opportunities in education, the media and through legislative amendment. We also heard that work towards a fair and inclusive Queensland needs to consider the issues of regional and remote areas, accConversation leader and participants essibility in all areas of life and for all ages, respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their history, as well as protections for our most vulnerable citizens.

Photos are of participants at two 'Fair and Inclusive Queensland' round table events. Photos by ADCQ