Human rights protection for LGBTI people

The Commission promotes an understanding and acceptance of human rights in Queensland.Ribbon in the rainbow colours of the LGBTI movement

International treaties

Various international treaties have been interpreted to uphold the rights of LGBTI people, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Link to external website , which sets out the principle of non-discrimination. The United Nations has made statements regarding equality for LGBTI people.

In 2006 the Yogyakarta Principles Link to external website were developed to inform our understanding of how existing human rights apply to LGBTI people. A full explanation of the key international treaties can be found in Appendix A of the Australian Human Rights Commission report, Resilient Individuals: Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Intersex Rights Link to external website.

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A fair and inclusive society for LGBTI people

The Commission recognises that LGBTI people continue to face significant barriers to a fair and inclusive Queensland, and is actively working to achieve a fairer and more inclusive Queensland.

Access LGBTI-specific resources on the Resources for LGBTI people page.

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