Legal information

The Commission has statutory responsibilities under Queensland anti-discrimination law.

The Commission has a responsibility to review existing and proposed legislation, to research and develop additional grounds for inclusion in the Act, prepare submissions and where appropriate to intervene in a proceeding that involves human rights issues.


In 1991 the Queensland Parliament passed the Anti-Discrimination Act which aims to protect people in Queensland from unfair discrimination.

Leading Authorities

Brief details about cases that provide leading authority for interpretation of anti-discrimination law in Queensland.


The Commission provides submissions to State and Federal bodies on the development of government policies and legislation.


Information about the tribunals that deal with matters under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.

Case notes

Summaries of significant decisions of tribunals and courts, and tables of cases relating to various topics.

Applications for Tribunal exemptions

The QIRC (for work-related applications) and QCAT (for all other applications) may grant an exemption from the operation of a specific provision of the Anti-Discrimination Act.

Fact sheets

The Commission produces fact sheets to provide clarity about discrimination and other matters covered by the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.

Intervention in proceedings

The Commission has the function to intervene in a proceeding that involves a human rights issue.