Preventing discrimination and sexual harassment

By taking simple steps, employers can prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, as well as saving time, money and maintaining a good reputation.  Having a safe, diverse and equitable workplace can also improve staff relations and customer satisfaction.

There are six easy steps employers can take to prevent workplace issues:

  • Create and maintain clear policies that promote a safe working environment and equality of opportunity for all staff.
  • Ensure clear support and promotion of these policies by executive management.
  • Provide ongoing training of new and existing staff on the policies.
  • Provide fair, transparent, quick, simple and effective internal complaints mechanisms to address any breaches of the policies.
  • Appoint a staff member as an Equity Contact Officer to provide confidential and impartial information to staff about the policies and complaint processes.
  • Ensure continuous and consistent review and evolution of policies, training and complaints mechanisms.