Benefits of an age-friendly workplace

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia’s population is ageing as a result of sustained low fertility and increasing life expectancy. Progressive organisations understand that recruiting and retaining older workers is a strategic response to a shrinking labour pool and ageing client base.

At the other end of the spectrum, the addition of young people in a workplace can bring fresh ideas, different perspectives and skills in new and emerging industries.

Including a range of age-groups in the workplace provides the ideal opportunity to leverage a range of skills and knowledge to achieve productivity, innovation and meet the needs of a diverse market. Age-diversity makes good business sense.

Age-friendly workplaces are inclusive of everyone, regardless of age. When managed effectively, this can bring many benefits to the work team. Here are some examples. What other benefits can you identify?

  • A cohesive work environment where team members actively communicate and collaborate.
  • Greater innovation and problem-solving as a result of combined knowledge and experience across generations.
  • Increased energy and new ideas can be contributed by younger generations.
  • Handing down of corporate knowledge and traditions from older generations.
  • Business continuity is supported by having a variety of age-ranges represented