Workplace Champion's guide: Flexibility at work


Older women wearing glasses Workplace champions may find this information useful to generate discussion and awareness raising activities in your workplace about flexibility at work. All resources are printable and will be available on the ADCQ website.

Download the Workplace Champion's guide: Flexibility at work in a print friendly format (PDF File, 3.1 MB)

Definition: Flexibility at work

Flexibility at work is about where, when and how work is done. It can include flexible hours of work, compressed work weeks, time in lieu, telecommuting, part-time work, job-sharing or a combination of these arrangements.

Getting started

  • Email out the key messages about flexibility at work to all staff
  • Arrange for the messages to go on your workplace intranet, Yammer or other internal messaging services.
  • Arrange for the messages to be printed out and put on notice boards, in lunch rooms and other places in your workplace.

Ice breaker resources to share and generate discussion about flexibility at work

Use these resources to generate discussions in your work-group about flexibility at work, its benefits and challenges.

  • Stories about flexibility at work.
  • Myths about flexibility at work.
  • FAQs about flexibility at work.
  • Videos about flexibility at work.

Conversation starters

  • What is flexibility at work?
  • What policies do we have in our workplace that support flexibility at work?
  • What are the benefits of flexibility at work for our organisation?
  • What are the challenges of flexibility at work and how can we manage them?
  • Do we have flexibility at work? If not, why not?

Suggestions for future action in your workplace

  • Review the needs of your workforce to ascertain where flexibility may be beneficial and viable, asking the question ‘if not, why not?’
  • Review workplace policies to ensure they include information on flexible work options and the process for requesting flexible work arrangements.
  • Ensure managers are aware of flexible work policies and implement them in a fair and equitable manner.