Videos about flexibility at work

play button for a video Here we present videos about initiatives to create flexible workplaces.

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Introduction to workplace flexibility

by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

More and more organisations, managers and employees are realising that flexibility is the future of work. But what is flexibility and how can you make it work for you and your organisation?

View Introduction to workplace flexibility.Link to external website Run time is 1:37 minutes.

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It looks like equilibrium

by Equilibrium Challenge

Things have been heating up for Tom. He has been promoted, but has had a bit of a setback with his sporting ambitions. However, his new flexible work arrangements are now proving vital to success in both endeavours.

View It looks like equilibrium.Link to external website Run time is 4:39 minutes.

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Rebecca's story

by ANZ #flexibleworking

At ANZ we believe that working flexibly supports our business, our customers, and our our employees, so we launched all roles flex in early 2015 providing flexible working options for anyone for any reason.

View Rebecca's story.Link to external website Run time is 1:12 minutes.

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Father's Day and flexible working

by Dove Men Care

Let's hear from some Dads with some everyday examples of how they make flexible working work for them, their teams and their families. We will also hear from Dove Men + Care on challenging male stereotypes and helping to start a conversation around modern masculinity.

View Father's Day and flexible working. Run time is 2:54 minutes.

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Flexible working environment pilot

by IP Australia

Flexible working environment pilot — a new way of working together.
IP Australia has undertaken a flexible working environment pilot as part of its Rights in One (RIO) program.

View Flexible work environment pilot.Link to external website Run time is 4:17 minutes.

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