Fair and inclusive workplaces

Human Rights Month is a campaign of the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland that runs from 10 November to 10 December and culminates on International Human Rights Day (10 December).

The enduring campaign theme is Fair and inclusive workplaces , with this year's campaign focusing on specifically on age discrimination and creating age-friendly workplaces. ADCQ has developed a range of resources based on the key topics to promote awareness and discussion in the workplace.

Workplace champions

Workplaces of all sizes and types are encouraged to participate in the campaign and nominate workplace champions to co-ordinate the dissemination of information in their workplaces. All workplace champions will receive updates leading up to, and throughout the campaign and invitations to special events.

Hummingbird logo

The hummingbird was chosen as the symbol for Human Rights Month because of its resilience and willingness to take on challenges.

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Age-friendly workplaces

Age-friendly workplaces enable people of all ages to actively participate and contribute to the workplace. They treat everyone with respect, regardless of their age. Age-friendly workplaces value, respect and actively engage with employees of all ages.

Key messages:

  • Age-based stereotypes limit collaboration, productivity, and inclusion.
  • Age-friendly workplaces are welcoming and inclusive of all ages and abilities.