Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information

The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland's functions involve taking a leadership role in human rights in Queensland including upholding, promoting, and protecting the rights of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Commission acknowledges the structural barriers that Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples are confronted with in daily life, and recognises the distinction that Indigenous Australians hold as the original peoples of this land.

The Anti-Discrimination Act protects all people from discrimination, sexual harassment, racial and other vilification, as well as other objectionable conduct.

Mrs Mabo (1943 to 2018)

The Commission pays tribute to Mrs Mabo, wife of Eddie Koiki Mabo, who passed away on 26 November.

Mr and Mrs Mabo's contribution and persistence in the fight for social justice and human rights for First Nations people and the South-Sea Islander community was formidable and tireless.

The Commission's long-standing association and public commitment to the Mabo Oration is our small gesture to recognise the significance of Mr Mabo's role in securing traditional title to land and waters for future generations.

We consider it a privilege to have had a connection with Mrs Mabo whose strength, integrity, and generosity will long stay with us.

The words Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, First Nations, and Indigenous are used interchangeably on this website to refer to the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia. We understand that some Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples are not comfortable with some of these words. Only respect is meant when these words are used.