Human rights in focus

This page contains information about recent developments and issues in human rights.

Human Rights Act for Queensland

Queenslanders are being given the opportunity to have a say on the possible implementation of a Human Rights Act in Queensland thanks to an inquiry launched by the Queensland Government. In December 2015, Queensland Attorney-General, Yvette D’ath announced that the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee of State Parliament would hold an inquiry to determine whether a Human Rights Act is the best way to protect human rights into the future. The committee is due to report back to the Legislative Assembly by 30 June 2016.

The ADCQ has been assisting Queenslanders to understand what a Human Rights Act would mean in practice by holding free public information sessions across the state in February and March. The information sessions have now concluded.

The Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee invite written submissions to the inquiry. All submissions must address the terms of reference and be received by 4pm on Monday 18 April 2016. Information about the terms of reference and how to make a submission is available on the committee’s webpage.

You can also make a submission online via the A Human Rights Act for Queensland campaign page.

Human Rights Month 2015

Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment, free from discrimination and harassment, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and is valued for their unique skills and contributions.  Human Rights Month (HRM) 2015 provides the opportunity to focus on how these human rights principles are reflected in your organisation’s culture, goals and practices, every day. 

Human Rights Month 2015 aims to:

  1. Raise awareness of the benefits of diverse and inclusive workplaces.
  2. Provide information, resources and support to create fair and inclusive workplaces.
  3. Get workplaces involved in learning, talking, sharing, planning and action around diversity and inclusion.

The theme this year is Fair and Inclusive Workplaces. HRM 2015 asks organisations in Queensland to pledge their commitment to creating fair and inclusive workplaces by nominating workplace champions and identifying specific activities they will undertake to create fair and inclusive workplaces.

Inclusion and diversity is everyone’s responsibility. So no matter how far you are along the journey to a fair and inclusive workplace, there are ways for everyone to be involved in Human Rights Month. Many workplaces across the state are already implementing simple and effective strategies to ensure they provide an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.  Human Rights Month is an opportunity to showcase this great work and learn from what is already working.

Why get involved?

Human Rights Month is a great opportunity to highlight your organisation’s commitment to safe, fair, inclusive and diverse workplaces.  If your organisation is already actively pursuing an inclusion and diversity agenda, Human Rights Month presents a great opportunity to share your successes and what you’ve learned, as well as looking for new ideas and inspiration. If the concepts of inclusion and diversity are new to your organisation, this is the best time to become involved and get the support you need to head in the right direction.

It’s free! We’re not fundraising or asking you to make any kind of financial commitment.  All we need from you is a commitment to help spread the message about inclusion and diversity.

It’s easy! We’ve created a range of resources and ideas about how to get involved in Human Rights Month.

It makes sense. There is an ever-growing body of evidence that shows workplaces that are diverse and inclusive reap the benefits (we’ll tell you how throughout the campaign).  Human Rights Month is the perfect opportunity to get involved so your organisation does not get left behind.

What is a Human Rights Month Champion?

We are asking organisations that want to actively participate in Human Rights Month 2015 to nominate at least one person from their workplace to be their HRM Champion . The role of the Champion is critical to your organisation obtaining the greatest value out of the resources and support provided throughout Human Rights Month.  It is best if the nominated Champion is a senior or well-regarded person within the organisation, with a passion for creating a fair and inclusive workplace. If your workplace is large or located over multiple sites you might want to nominate more than one Champion, including someone from your Human Resources team.

Champions will lead the promotion of Human Rights Month within their organisation.  Supported by ADCQ, Champions will promote the purpose of Human Right Month, disseminate key messages, distribute resources and drive workplace activities.

What do you need to do?

All we ask you to do is:

  • share HRM messages with staff and stakeholders through your website, intranet and other channels during Human Rights Month 2015
  • promote your commitment to the principles of equity, inclusion and diversity
  • let us know what you are doing throughout the month so we can give you a virtual p
  • at on the back, share your stories and tips and promote your commitment to fair and inclusive workplaces.

Workplaces can choose how involved to become based on their size, resources and priorities. Examples of what you could do range from:

  • displaying Human Rights Month or other anti-discrimination posters in the workplace
  • putting the HRM logo on your website and/or email signature blocks
  • hosting workplace conversations about inclusion and diversity
  • making personal pledges about how your organisation is or will create a fair and inclusive workplace
  • running training in your workplace
  • holding a morning tea and sharing positive stories of inclusion and diversity or
  • all of the above, as well as your own ideas.

Champion benefits:

ADCQ will acknowledge champions and their organisations through our website and social media pages (but only if you give us permission).

Official champions and their organisations will receive discounts on ADCQ online and face-to-face training if they sign up during Human Rights Month.

Champions will receive direct communications about Human Rights Month activities through an official supporter newsletter and ongoing support from the ADCQ team.

ADCQ will provide Champions with training on ‘how to host a conversation’ and demonstrate how to use the hosting kit.

Champions will be invited to attend a special International Human Rights Day event at the conclusion of Human Rights Month 2015.

That all sounds great. So what now?

If you would like to become a Human Rights Month Champion for your organisation, get in touch with our team via email:  We will help you work out how to best promote Human Rights Month within your organisation and keep you up-to-date with information, stories and activities throughout the campaign.

Organisations participating in Human Rights Month 2015

  • Advance Cairns
  • Break Thru People Solutions Townsville
  • Centacare Cairns
  • Charters Towers Regional Council
  • Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service
  • Datacom
  • Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department of Energy and Water Supply
  • Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
  • Department of Housing and Public Works
  • Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing
  • Department of Natural Resources and Mines
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Department of State Development
  • Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Department of Human Services – Centrelink
  • Department of Justice and Attorney-General
  • Electoral Commission Queensland
  • GTEC Training and Development Townsville
  • Guide Dogs Queensland
  • Immigration and Placement Services Townsville
  • James Cook University
  • Learning Partnerships Townsville
  • Logan Bayside Health Network, Metro South Health
  • Mackay Sugar
  • McCullough Robertson Lawyers
  • Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services
  • Multicultural Affairs Queensland
  • North Queensland Women’s Legal Service
  • NQ Community Services Inc
  • Office of the Public Guardian
  • Public Safety Business Agency
  • Public Service Commission
  • Queensland Age and Disability Advocacy Inc
  • Queensland Family and Child Commission
  • Queensland Ambulance Service
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
  • Queensland Health
  • Queensland Treasury
  • Queensland Youth Services
  • Redland Hospital and Wynnum Health Service Centre
  • Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  • Saints Catholic College
  • Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service
  • Townsville Multicultural Support Group
  • Together Union
  • Townsville Community Information Centre
  • Townsville Hospital and Health Service
  • Townsville Magistrates Court
  • Volunteering North Queensland
  • Whitsunday Regional Council
  • Wuchopperen Health Service

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Transgender Day of Remembrance

Remembrance candles 

20 November is set aside as Transgender Day of Remembrance for those people who have died because of transgender hatred or prejudice.

The day raises public awareness of hate crimes against transgender, or gender variant people, and the persistence of prejudice against the transgender community.

It is a day to mourn and honour the lives lost in anti-transgender violence, and raise the visibility of transgender and gender diverse members of the community.

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