Vilification on the basis of race, religion, sexuality or gender identity is against the law in Queensland. It is prohibited by the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.

Vilification is a public act or statement that incites others to hate a person or their group because of their race, religion, gender identity or sexuality.

Vilification where a person or their property is threatened with physical harm is also a criminal offence.

This sort of hatred is illegal and can show up in a number of ways including through leaflets, speech, graffiti, websites and public abuse or media remarks.

Vilification examples


  • Someone painted death to all blacks, Jews and Muslims on a public building.
  • A group printed cards for their members which said Licence to shoot Aborigines .


  • A spectator at a sporting competition urged supporters to abuse a Muslim woman and pull off her hijab (veil).
  • A car was parked at a local shopping centre with a bumper sticker displayed with the words Exterminate all parasite Jews .


  • A political figure gave an interview with a journalist and called for all homosexuals to be banned from holding public office, saying they're all child molestors . He also encouraged his followers to start a campaign to remove those already in public office any way you can .

Gender identity

  • A trans woman who was sitting on a bench in a shopping mall was called a disgusting freak and subjected to other abuse by one of a group of people. The person told the others in the group that she should have been put down at birth and suggested that they engage in a bit of freak bashing and do everyone a favour.
  • A regional newspaper published a letter to the editor advising that posses had been formed to rid the neighbourhood of perverts and its (referring to the transgender community) using violence if necessary. The letter appeaed under the heading PERVERTS BEWARE!

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Criminal offence vilification example

  • A group of people went at night to the home of a transgender woman. She was woken by yelling from the footpath outside her home. A stream of abuse and obscenities relating to her gender identity followed. One of the group then pulled wooden palings from the woman's fence and called out to the others Has anyone got a box of matches so we can burn this fxxxing fxx's place down?

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Information and enquiry service

Individuals, employers and business operators can access the Commission's statewide telephone information and enquiry service.

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Making a complaint

Find out how to make a complaint to the Commission about vilification.

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