The way forward

The Commission's role is to get both sides of the story and help those involved try to resolve the complaint. This is done through the conciliation process.

You do not need a lawyer to respond to a complaint or participate in a conciliation conference. If you want a lawyer, you will need to organise this yourself.

Lawyers, advocates and other representatives can only take part in a conciliation conference with the permission of the conciliator.

Other information

  • There are no fees for the Commission's services.
  • If you need legal or other advice about your case, the Commission can suggest where to go for help.
  • The Commission cannot give you advice or write your response for you.
  • The Commission may investigate the complaint but will not take sides.
  • The Commission will try to help everyone reach an agreement but will not decide for you.
  • If you are involved in a complaint, you should keep the complaint confidential and only tell your legal and professional advisers.
  • The complainant can withdraw their complaint at any time.