Who can complain

A complaint may only be made by the person who was subjected to the discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation, or other behaviour prohibited by the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 .

If the person is a child, a parent or guardian may make a compliant on behalf of the child.

If a person cannot or does not want to make the complaint themselves they, or the Commission, may be able appoint another person to make a complaint on their behalf.

Two or more people may make a complaint jointly.

A person who sees another person being treated unfairly cannot make a complaint. That person can provide a witness statement to the person subjected to the treatment, to help support them.

Vilification complaints

Race, religion, sexuality or gender identity vilification complaints may be lodged by a 'relevant entity' whose primary purpose is to promote the interests or welfare of persons of a particular race, religion, sexuality or gender identity.

Community groups or service organisations set up to support people of different races, religions, sexualities, or people who are transgender may be able to make complaints for their members and target groups..