Complaint process flowchart

Standard complaint process for complaints under the Anti-Discrimination Act at the Commission.

Written complaint received, acknowledged and assessed within 28 days.

leads to

Complaint not accepted. Complainant advised of reasons for non-acceptance and referred to a more relevant agency.  
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Complaint accepted. Parties notified and respondent given opportunity to provide written response or request early conference. Date set for compulsory conference no more than 6 weeks after notification. leads to  Complainant provides further information to show complaint comes under the Act.  
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leads to  leads to  Early conference held when requested by respondent and all parties agree.  
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Compulsory conference held. leads to  No settlement reached at conference and further negotiations unable to resolve the complaint. leads to 
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Settlement reached by all parties. Agreement signed and filed either at the Qld Industrial Relations Commission (for work-related complaints) or the Qld Civil and Administrative Tribunal (for all other complaints) and is binding as if it is a court order.   Complainant has option to refer complaint for a public hearing, where any determination made is binding on all parties. From 1 March 2017, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission will deal with complaints that are work-related, and the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal will deal with all other complaints. leads to 
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Complaint closed. leads to  Complaint rejected, based on further information.leads to