Strategic and other plans

The purpose of agency planning is to focus on the achievement of desired outcomes. The integration of planning within an agency can assist in linking various services, activities and programs.

The planning process allows an agency to:

  • reflect on what has happened in the past;
  • scan the internal and external environments for factors likely to influence the future;
  • determine what objectives it should appropriately and realistically aim to achieve during the planning horizon;
  • determine how the agency will achieve its objectives including the resources required, and
  • determine how success will be measured and reported.

Once developed, agency plans provide clients, stakeholders, and staff with an overview of relevant information about the agency and its operations.

Strategic plans

The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland (ADCQ) operates on a rolling five year strategic planning cycle where plans are updated annually.

Please select either of the following files to view the current Strategic Plan:

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Reconciliation Action Plan

The ADCQ believes that cultural reform is required to dismantle the structural barriers that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are confronted with in daily life. The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), is a strategic means by which the Commission can outline how we will play our part in closing the unacceptable gaps between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their fellow Australians.

Please select either of the following file formats to view the current Reconciliation Action Plan:

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Multicultural Action Plan

'Our story, our future' is the Queensland Government's new Multicultural Policy, promoting an inclusive, harmonious and united Queensland.

Together with a new Multicultural Action Plan, 'Our story, our future' drives Queensland Government action to build an environment of opportunity and achieve improved social and economic outcomes for people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Access the Queensland Government's Multicultural policy and action plan Link to external website.

'Our story, our future' and its action plan are the first multicultural policy and action plan under the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016 Link to external website.

The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland has a number of actions within the Multicultural Action Plan and a legislative requirement to publicly report on the progress of these actions as soon as practicable after the end of each financial year. The Commission's progress report for the 2017-18 financial year is available here. (MS Word Document, 24.3 KB)

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Budget: Agency service delivery statement

Strategic and operational plans must be underpinned by resources in the form of an annual budget. The ADCQ budget is called the Agency Service Delivery Statement. Recent Agency Service Delivery Statements can be accessed using the following links:

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