Service feedback

Our service aim

The ADCQ is committed to providing excellent services to our clients.

We focus on:

  • treating everyone with respect and dignity, acknowledging their fundamental human rights;
  • treating everyone fairly and impartially;
  • supporting a workplace culture that encourages diversity, innovation, and responsiveness to the needs of our clients; and
  • valuing our independence and the rule of law.

We value feedback from our clients, be that positive or negative, and invite you to share your experiences with us.

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Happy with our service?

If you wish to share some complimentary feedback please email us with your comments at the following email addresses:

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Unhappy with our service?

Sometimes feedback may be an expression of dissatisfaction with a service, procedure or policy. We will try to resolve your concern as quickly and as informally as possible. However, if we are unable to resolve the issue informally, you may choose to submit a Client Feedback Form . The form may be submitted online or you can print a form, complete it and forward it to us. The Resolving Client Service Issues factsheet provides more information about the process.

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Public Interest Disclosures

A public interest disclosure (PID) is a disclosure about suspected wrongdoing or danger in the public sector.

The ADCQ can receive public interest disclosures about its conduct and the conduct of its officers and employees. A disclosure to the ADCQ can be made in writing, in person or by telephone. A written disclosure can be made using the Client Feedback Form.

Public interest disclosures to the ADCQ will be managed in accordance with the following policies and procedures:

The Queensland Ombudsman is the oversight agency under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 . This involves:

  • reviewing the management of public interest disclosures;
  • reviewing the way public sector entities deal with public interest disclosures; and
  • undertaking an educational and advisory role about public interest disclosures.

More information about public interest disclosures is available from:

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