Discrimination in goods and services concerning

Published on 30/09/2011

In Far North Qld, a marked increase in complaints of discrimination in the area of goods and services was noted in the 2010-11 annual report.

Room for improvement in far north customer service

Discrimination in the area of goods and services has increased significantly in Far North Queensland, according to the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland's (ADCQ) Annual Report which was tabled in parliament yesterday.

In 2010-11, 33% of all discrimination complaints managed through the Cairns ADCQ office related to discrimination in the area of goods and services. This was a marked increase from the previous year when goods and services complaints made up only 18% of overall complaints in the region.

In contrast, the number of work related discrimination complaints in Far North Queensland decreased from 73% to 53%.

'The decrease in work related complaints is very positive given that work is the area in which we usually see the most number of complaints,' said Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Kevin Cocks. 'However the significant increase in discrimination complaints relating to the provision of goods and services is very concerning. People in regional areas often have fewer options with regard to goods and service providers, so the fact that this choice may be even further limited by discrimination issues is not acceptable.'

In 2010-11 the Cairns office focused their training efforts on the local government sector, increasing the number of public sector training sessions from 6 to 31. The annual Human Rights Day Living Books event was also a great success with approximately 500 people attending the event.  These community engagement figures show that the Far North Queensland community is very supportive of human rights said Commissioner Cocks. But perhaps we'll now need to focus greater efforts on the area of goods and services to address the significant increase in complaints.

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