Play by the Rules

Published on 26/09/2010

Help for sporting clubs to promote fair play and provide templates for protocol, codes of conduct and a spectator behaviour policy is available from the Play by the Rules website.

Top tips for sporting clubs for safe summer sport

What happens if tempers flare on sporting sidelines this summer, and a club has no protocols to deal with poor spectator behaviour? What if issues arise within a team, and the club has no Code of Conduct? Are community sporting clubs fully prepared for the summer sporting season?

With sporting clubs around Australia gearing up for another summer, fair play in sport website Play by the Rules Link to external website has produced an online toolkit for clubs to make it easy for them to maintain essential policies and guidelines to keep their sports safe and fun this summer.

The Play by the Rules Club Toolkit  has templates and guidelines on Member Protection, Spectator Behaviour and numerous other policies that should form the foundation of every community sporting club.  The templates have been developed and approved through Play by the Rules Link to external website, so are  comprehensive and ready to be tailored with local club information and distributed to members.

The Executive Director of Sport and Recreation in the Northern Territory and Co-Chair of Play by the Rules Link to external website, Steve Rossingh, said that clubs should have these policies in place for their own and their members' protection, but that players and parents should also keep their clubs to account, by always requesting that all clubs, at a minimum, have:

-          A  Member Protection Policy

-          Working with Children Guidelines

-          A Spectator Behaviour Policy

-          Protocols for the pickup and drop off of children.

All of these templates, and more, are on the Play by the Rules Club Toolkit.

Play by the Rules offers online training, information and resources for clubs and sporting organisations to ensure everyone involved in sport can do so in enjoyable, safe environments, free from discrimination or harassment.

Play by the Rules is a unique partnership between the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission and all State and Territory Sport and Recreation and Anti-Discrimination Agencies.

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